Cooperate and sell Alhambra perfumes

How to cooperate and sell Alhambra perfumes with profit

Handbook of your personal sale of Alhambra perfumes

1] Take a good care that you understand the eshop, study the eshop and choose the perfumes, which are talking to you the most and you understand. WHY you want these types of perfumes offer to your customers. Potentially you are working with essential oils or you are healer, with healing practise, Alhambra products may enhance your healing practice . You will obtain 10 ml samples of perfumes Alhambra for specific price and you may use these samples for your sales presentation or healing practice . It is your investment to start. We sell the kit of perfumes for specific price according to the amount of chosen samples. This price information will be given in advance and it is You, who decide to continue. After payment of the invoice of kit of samples of Alhambra perfumes, you are going to obtain the kit and smelling sticks.

2]  Your profit is the discount of your order accordingly  to the value of the order. All orders are counting together during our cooperation, so step by step you may achieve bigger discount based on longterm cooperation. We are VAT payer and the invoices has to be pre- payed before the delivery. Transport costs will be added based on your final destination.

1st level of cooperation

Value of the order less then 500 EUR  ( without VAT)                                       5% of discount

2nd level 

Value of the order more then 500 EUR. ( without VAT )                                    10% of discount

3rd level 

Value of the order more then 1.500 EUR ( without VAT )                                   15% of discount

4th level 

Value of the order more then 3,333 EUR ( without VAT )                                    20% of discount

5th level                 

Value of the order more then 4.500 EUR ( without VAT )                                     21% - 26% of discount

5th level of cooperation has got a various percentage as it depends what you want to achieve.Your percentage is going to be discused with me personally. Create your own eshop with Alhambra perfumes, add Alhambra perfumes to your existing eshop, make your advertisement or marketing on the social medias, use your own words to describe your experience with Alhambra perfumes, express yourself using social media - facebook, instagram, twiter. Unleash your creativity by leading the perfumery seances, expose Alhambra perfumes in your country at the exhibitions, where you see a success. Support from my side will be given ! I will provide you with style of our presentation but not only.

With every order you will recieve different types of pure natural essential oils used in our production for FREE.


Based on your request, we may offer you - diffuser's, smelling sticks, different packaging and other products - supremes,  camélia oil perfumed by our perfumes for your achieved discount !

The number of account for the international payments in EUR:

IBAN: CZ47 0100 0000 4395 3682 0227