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Natural scents were used already 6.000 years ago in Egypt, Babylon and Mesopotamie. Sumerians used cypress a​nd​ a myr​r​h many years ago. The Egyptians could prepare daily using more than 850 botanical medicines.

The Queen Hatšepsut promoted the use of flowers as medicines according to the pharmacopoeia. Which means the flowers were exactly described and their effects were well known.

The first perfumer was a woman - Taputti BelateKallim. Tapputi BelateKallim and her colleague were already using the distillation process during the preparation of the scents.

Using the wisdom of flower healing in daily life is bringing huge benefits - helps us to feel deep and intuitive experiences of our emotions and We feel harmonized and well.

Organic perfumes Alhambra are made mostly handmade ( in case of small batch of production ) and ingredients are:

- essential oils

- CO2 extracts

- resins

- absolue

The combinations of flowers are assembled with an accent to the healing quality of each ingredient.

Even the natural ingredients are used in gentle therapy, they have a power to deeply affect our psyche, loosen our mind and  lift up our Spirit. Shortly we release our stress and worries of daily life.

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