Bio perfumes for invitation of the right partner to our life, right people for business, to improve our health and emotional status and get the great working opportunities

Why and what are the Bioperfumes ?

These perfumes are handmade from the essential oil, the extracts, the absolue. The products will surprise you, when you smell it, as they are strong , different and have an influence on our emotional mood. 

When I do the concentrate, I may look at the different targets: 

- I look after the estetical pleasure

- I look after the clinical  effect

- I look after the psychological effect

The estetic of the perfumes

The target is to make a nice scent which will make the pleasure for us and is able to change our bad mood for example - the pressure, the stress, less concentration, the fear, the anger, ect. If the scent is a pleasure for us, does not always mean, that it will be a pleasure for your friends or your partner. The most important is that it is pleasure for you. It doesn not have to be a good smell for the others, but you will maybe see that the behaviour of the others changed when you use this perfume to the better way.

If you use the sytetic perfumes , it may happend that you meet the wrong partner, because the resonation of our inner live does not have to be compatibile and the perfume can reduce our sensitivity to feel it. There are also another  issues - the perfume change to total different scent, or we do not smell it for a long time or  we can not use it etc.

The clinical level of the perfumes - I mix the essence according to their therapeutic value and make the scent which is good for our health.

The Psychological - spiritual level  - I try to focus the inner energy and feelings and I focus to help to get the the harmony of our spiritual balance. This level  occur, if the mixing is based on the higher level of the intuition and the specific effects of the essences. 

How to use the bioperfume

Alhambra offers 4 different concantration of the perfumes:  fraiche ( very light), the eau e toillet, the eau de perfume and the perfume  -

Fraiche - very light, for very sensitive people, who does not want to have too much of scent, they may have a very good smell

The toilet water ( EDT ) - this is the more strong, we may use it several times of the day, 6h long lasting effect

The perfume water ( EDP ) -  more strong, but less strong then perfume, 24h long lasting scent 

The perfume - very long lasting and strong scent , we may feel it ussually 48h


Where is the best way for your perfume?

The head is the best place for your perfume, the head is the source of the warm energy and the perfume can step by step develop yourself during the day. The bioperfumes have got  a ussually 5-20 different ingrediences and you may smell it during the day. It is a pity to put your perfume on the skin. There are a several reasons why:

1) the perfume can have the citruses these ingrediences are fototoxic, means that we may get the balck spots on our skin via sun at the places where is perfume. The only citrus ingrediences which are furocoumarines free does not make it.

2) if you place the perfume to your head, then your friends or partner may smell it when they kiss you or hang you just in the right  time. 

The offer of perfumes Alhambra is very wide. You may check in my eshop. 

Bioparfém Asiris -  The Asiris is the perfume of the forgiveness, cleaning the solar plexus

Bioparfém Amonné - The Amonné is the perfume, which is extending our intuition and is increasing our level of the vibrations.

Bioparfém Anubis -  The Anubis is  the woody perfume, the very nourishing one

Bioparfém Dračí síla - The Dragon power is the harmonization of the inner man and the inner woman, the sweet scent of the good inner balance. 

Bioparfém Essence lásky  - The Essence of love for woman is the he perfume of self confidence, self realization and suport the pancreas to be in good shape and balance.

Bioparfém Essence lásky - The Essence of love for man if the perfume of the trust and the belief

Bioparfém Gaiac -  The Gaiac is the woody perfume for the grounding of us and for the taking of the reality around us in to our consideration.

Bioparfém Hébé - The Hébé is the nice scent for the workaholics.

Bioparfém Isadora  - The Isadora perfume is the very nice and gently taking care  perfume for the women who would like to invite into their lives a new partner.

Bioparfém Lotosové tajemství - The perfume Secrets of the Lotos flover is the perfume, which calm us down and is taking our sadness from us, the relief and the relaxation, 

Bioparfém Mořský vítr - The perfume  See wind is very gentle and fine perfume which opens up the 6th and 7th chakra and is connection our system with the higherself.

Bioparfém Mystérium - The Mysterium perfume is grounding perfume with vanila and patchouli. It is closing aura and is safety for our aura system against the fatigue, the attack from the otherse

Bioparfém Nadin - The perfume Nadin isopening and cleaning the zones of fear and helps to reduce the procrastination 

Bioparfém Osiris - The Osiris is the scent of the desire and the embrace, the earthy perfume which treat the relationship with your father.

Bioparfém Růže - The Rose to develop your woomanhood.

Bioparfém Síla samoty - The perfume to calm you down and make very good connection with your inner child, good for the hyperactive children, help to keep their attention and basicly it prevent the childrens fights 

Bioparfém Úsměvný den - The perfume The Funny Day - the geyser laughing and the pozitivity

Bioparfém Wotan - The perfume Wotan is harmonization of the whole chakra system, the perfume of the courage, the caution and the solicitude.