Organic natural perfumes

For those who look for special " niche " perfumes based on natural ingredients only.

The organic perfumes Alhambra bring the healing power of the flowers to your life.

These perfumes are produced handmade with special attention to  the healing  quality of  each ingredient.

Alhambra perfumes improve or balance the emotional quality of your life, they may bring to your life wisdom, calmness, self awareness, self-confidence or self - expression.

In case you look for a new experience with natural perfumes or your need to harmonize your emotions due to stress, Alhambra  is the brand , which will enhance your experience with fragrances.

We may offer you 45 different perfumes based on the natural ingredients coming from agriculture of France, India, Australia etc.

We mixed the perfumes handmade, mature  naturally, 1 or 2  months. We do not use any chemicals to speed up the process of the production of perfumes.

Without any chemicals or substitutes we use only 100% natural ingredients like - resins, essential oil, CO2 extract or absolue.

The  perfumes are made with an accent on the healing power of each  natural ingredient. These ingredients are mixed  to support the healing power of each other  and also with a sense of beauty to enjoy the  scent and as well the emotional healing power of flowers.

Different perfumes are described precisely in eshop: