Supremes - the natural extracts

The fruits and the flowers extracts BIO for the inner usage, daily drop usage as a heatlhy food additives

Citron suprem - the lemon natural extract , the best for the detoxication of the human bidy, the usage is for maximum 3 weeks, 1 drop to the 1 lt of the water during morning or before noon is supporting the movement of the blood and support also  the lymphantic system.

Grapefruit suprem - the hard detox, helps to eradicate the longterm inflamations which are moving throuhg the body ( lungs, tooth , vaginal system or the others). Possible to use 1 month , 1 drop daily with agave sirop and drink 1 glass of water. Don't use the grapefruit extract when you have daily usage of the pils for the high blood pressure.

Mandarin suprem - the natural extract not only for the kids and pregnant woman.  Good specialy for men.This extract is calming us down and is helping us to get the connection with our inner child. Helps in the teenagers times, good for whole family to improove the comunication in the family and common understanding. Very good to make mandarin detox cocktail with pineapple and parsley, add only 1 drop of mandarin extract.

Orange suprem - when depression occurs and when we think very lown about us, Take 1 drop of orange suprem with honey daily just in the morning, drink one glass of water and you will see he life in better colours. 

Rosemary suprem -  the natural extract which helps to move the stopped liquides through our bodies, supports  the function of the livers and  the heart. 1 drop daily on honey or to the 1 lt of the water helps also with detox with lemon, more info about it is at the eshop side. Love yourself.

 Ylang suprem - helps to release the fear and the anger, loose the barriers , perfect for the harmonization of the hormonal system, helps to control weight specially at the higher age, lower the tension and stress in the body. Good for sleeping, helps to start to sleep imediatly after dosage . 1 drop in the evening with agave sirop and drink one glass of the water. For correction of the hormonal system is necessary to use the ylang suprem 1 month after start of woman period.

Coriandr suprem - Increase your appetite, so it is good for all people,who has bulimia and do not want to eat or elder people, who refuse eating, anorexy. Helps also to reduce the flatulence and  the abdominal spasm or when you simply do not feel very well.  Improoves the feeling of selfconfidence and the inner peace. Improoves also the self - reflextion and better comunication. The coriandr helps to change the odl formula of behaviour. With the corinadr suprem the feeling that we want to say our opinion comes sonner then the argumentation. This one drop to the 1 lt watter we may also combine with the orange suprem to have better moode. If we take the dosage after food it always helps with the intestinal system. We may eat it any time of the day and the year.

Mentha suprem -  the plant extract from metha improoves the attention, the tolerance and is healing and refreshing. This extract has got a warm-up effect and it is good during the flue and the cold. Thanks to its dynamic effects it works very well with the digestion system. If we are not able to going over any of the situation in our lifes, 1 drop under your tongue after meal refresh the respiration, whitten the tooths and let us just feel well.

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