Essential oils in the daily life

How we may use the essential oil daily ?

The Bathing - the bath with the essential oils is the bath with the incredible experience. You may choose on your ovn to make the batch - relaxing, stimulating, refreshing or with the aphrodisiac effects. Fulfil the bath with the medium hot water and add 3-5 drops of the essential oil ( depend on the type of essential oil - for example in case of cinnamon, you will use only 1 drop !! ). Mixed well and relax. You may also use the apricot oil or the almond oil and add 4-8drops of essential oil. Then you will get very nourishing bath. Don 't shower after the bathing, let the oils nourish your skin.

The Mist blower - with the mist you may spread the scent very naturaly into air without harm of essential oils by heat. Always use the glass mist blower -  for 100 ml of water add  7 - 10 drops of essential oil. Mix well before the every usage. The mist of water and essential oil will go into your body by the breathing and it needs 20 min to have the specific effect. In case you need to get rid off the unpleasant odor I suggest the bergamot to clean the odor of the smoking or to clean the odor of the pets. For the romantic atmosphere I suggest the rose and  the black pepper ( the black pepper reduce the stress before the first intimate contact, also improoves the sexual feelings in the bedroom ). Please remember , you always have to clean the mist blower by the ethanol, never by the any chemical household cleaners or the vinegar !!

The Aromalamps, the difusers or the brumisers - also good practise to heat up the essential oils. If you would like to use the aromalamp or the others against the insects - use the lemmongrass or lavande. Against the ants you may use the vetiver very succesfully. To stop the infection use the eucalyptus or the rosemary. If you would like to have a good mood or let the stress go away - add the orange, lemon or pine.

The ecologicla householdcleaners - if you are fan of the ecological household cleaners buy these ones which does not contain any frangrances. Then you may use every time the different  essential oil according to your mood or needs- You may use it in the WC, bath cleaners or any other cleaner. 500 ml of the household cleaner and 30 drops of essential oil mix well. Then you use this concentrate to the cleaning water as usually. Very good scents are - lemon, cedar tree, lavande, patchouli, or orange.

The Perfumed irroning - add the essential oils to the water in the iron. The laundry will get the nice smell specialy with the lemmongrass or the neroli.

The cooking  - many people think how to cook with the natural scents. There are a very good products in the offer of called SUPREMES. These product you may use for daily cooking and you will get a very nice foods with the special quality. Herewith is the few recommendations for the well - being cocktails.

The Ylang sensual and calming down banana cocktail

Take the one banana, a bit of raspberries and add the coconut milk mix well with 1 drop of ylang supreme. This perfect cocktail will help you to calm down after stressy work or  to prepare a nice relaxed atmosphere. Always use only 1 drop of ylang , never more. Ylang helps to decrease you blood presure, decrease the content of the suggar in your blood and helps the angry people to calm down. Ylang also harmonize the hormonal system. More info in the supremes.

The Pineapple-parsley detox cocktail with mandarin

Take a few pieces of pineapple, parsley tops the fine one. Add watter and 1 drop of mandarin suprem. Mix well to have a smooth cocktail to enjoy with your kids. What is the beneficial of mandarin? It will connect you with your inner child, so everybody in your family will know what are their needs , tasks and will be able to express these ones in the polite way.

The Strawberry cocktail of the good mood and perfect selfexpresion

This is a very interesting cocktail. You will use the balance of the coriander suprem and the orange suprem. The orange is anti-depresive and the coriander helps to express yourself to leave the old form of thinking. You may use 1 drop of each product into the acidophilic milk, or only to 500ml of water and drink. But you may also use the strawberries which fit perfectly with the coriander and the orange and mix with the cocnut milk or the apple juice to obtain the nice cocktail. Enjoy !!